DE-pendence Day.

July 4, 2006

Since I am from the UK and live in the US people have asked me “How do you feel about Independence Day?”

Before I go there, lets bring into the this topic a pet peeve, you may think its not related, but it is… If I moved
from another country to the U.S. then dont bitch and moan about people not accepting your culture or
going out their way to learn your language, you moved, you learn…

I dont feel anything about Independence day, I dont feel a traitor to my country of origin, America has gave
me alot of opportunity which I am thankful for, yet the patronage which is embodied in young children I dont
have, hell I dont even have it for Britain:). I do know some English people I have met in the past who grumble
about Independence day, why on earth?!?! As mentioned in my opening paragraph, you moved you learn and

So you all enjoy your night, whether your 100% blooded American or a perma-visitor like myself: 🙂

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