You smart a$$ kid..

July 4, 2006

There comes a time in a fathers life where his children look on him and say “You didn’t know that?!” My eldest is 13, pure geek material, if he
could merge himself into his PCs I am sure he would. Has 3 PC`s, 2 desktops and one Linux server.

I have a love/hate relationship with Flash ,possibilities seem to be endless, yet Actionscript needs to grow up, I could save myself hours
of time if there was an equivalent to Perls “use strict” function.. Oh well, anyway my kid makes Flash just does anything he wants it to do, I`ll
post some examples here soon to show..

Last week I was checking out some of his new code and said “How did you do that?”, the comment I got back was “You didn’t know how to
do that??” as a sly smirk hit his face.. <tears to eye> its that time, his flying off the geek nest and going alone now, no more “How do I do this”.
its “You didn’t know how to do that!”.

I did have a concern a while back though, he wanted to learn to code, yet what language?!?! I am pleased it was Actionscript, with all
of its annoyances, its teaching him the basics of OOP which is important I feel.


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