XP Auto complete

July 7, 2006

Ok I feel rather a dork for not knowing this, but I found out XP has an
auto complete feature within its command line, Coming from a Linux
background it just felt natural.:)

Here is a link to the instructions to turn on the function, has some registry
additions, so if you are not confident with that then Tweak UI can do
the job for you.

Auto complete uses the tab key to try and guess what you are typing,
for example, I am in a DOS Shell in XP I can start typing half a
directory name or filename then press tab and it will complete it for
me, example below..

I make a directory called my_directory, then I want to get inside it so I
type cd my_


Now I go and press the TAB key and viola…


It filled in the rest of the directory name, ideal for the lazy geek:) Or a
necessity for a Linux type user.

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