Its not all about Madonna

July 21, 2006

Long time no text, sorry, have being exceptionally busy at work…

Back onto topic, I watched MTV2 today, nothing exceptional there
, but I haven’t watched it for such a long time, while I was watching,
I felt a warm feeling in my ears….. I realized then, it was my ears
bleeding in pain with the junk MTV smack you upside the head with..

Whooa, now hold on I can hear you say already “You are an old man,
I don’t expect you to appreciate the delicate musical vibes that MTV plays”
…. Thats OK:) if thats your current opinion try and broaden your musical
horizons a tad, currently this is who I am listening to, either driving to work,
or just relaxing at home…

A nice broad serving of different types of music there, from Techno to Rap
to some talk singing “The Streets”, try take a listen to some of these
groups/people, you might like`em 🙂

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