You wish is my command, sort of..

July 23, 2006

Today I was perusing the search criteria results of how
some people arrived to my little part of the web
(My blogg 🙂 ).. I found a few requests based on how to
make calls within Asterisk via the CLI.

I checked and I have not covered it, there seems to be
a demand so here goes.. If there is anything else you
wished to be explained please tell me
, I cant read minds:)

Asterisk has a built in CLI mode, in your console
/SSH/Telnet session just run the following command:

asterisk -r

Lets say you setup an extension with the number 100, to test
this extension , run the following command

dial 100@internal

With any luck you will hear it ring… if not make sure your
extension is registered in your sip.conf or iax.conf depending
on what protocol you are using, if you have a sip phone there
is no use checking your iax.conf and visa-versa.

Also check to make sure your OSS or ALSA sound driver
module is running, this can contribute to the dial commands

One thing I didn’t cover on the command above is the internal
part, this is the context associated with the extension.

On an another note, if you are testing a series of phones then you
can just make a Perl script and execute

asterisk -rx dial 100@internal

You would replace the 100 with a variable ofcourse, but the above
command does not go into the CLI just executes the CLI command

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