Virtualy Free

July 31, 2006

One of my recent challenges was to make a cusomized Knoppix
CD for certain work related needs. Having heard some about
Microsofts Virtual PC I decided to give it a shot and throw
Vmware to the side.

I was struck straight away with how easy it was to do the initial
configuration, there really wasnt alot of changes made to the original
Virtual PC app that they bought it, just branding really.

Knoppix detected everything just fine as I expected, speed was
actually faster than Vmware, what did concern me was every so
often everything frooze, I had to wait around 5 seconds to be able to
move the mouse around again, this came and went, but it was very
distracting and hindered me to the point of uninstalling Virtual PC.

A few considerations though, I was installing Linux running on a dual
CPU laptop which may of been one of the causes, its a real pitty it had
this problem since it was real light on system resources and the performance
was better than Vmware…. I can hear you all already “Its free you moron!” 🙂
For Free, its awesome, but I`ll stick with Vmware…

Quick note, this didnt happen on a single CPU machine, I tried once more with
a different PC, it ran great without the irritating pausing. So if you have a single
CPU, dont waste money with Vmware, download Microsofts Virtual PC.

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