I protest to youre protest!

August 1, 2006

Its a hot day, driving home from work today (Stop yawning! I
am getting to the point let me lay the foundation here! 🙂 ).
Anyway, there is a traffic jam ahead waiting for the lights to
change to green.. On my approach I notice a guy holding up
a big sign warning everyone that what we are about to see may offend..

I thought what is that boy smoking!?!? It was soon revealed,
I then saw ahead of me people with 5×4 posters of pictures of
aborted fetuses protesting against abortion.

Consider this, imagine if I had my kids with me, 10 and 13 year olds..
What an idiotic way of getting the message across, normally I would listen
to any decent protest and their message, but this was insane, idiotically thought
out and if it wasn’t due to the subject matter, laughable!

There are right and wrong ways to do things and these idiots take the
biscuit on how not to do it.

So while I was waiting for the light to turn green one of these idiots was walking
up the traffic car by car offering literature, they came to my car and I just rolled
my eyes and mouthed out the word “No”.

Lessons to learn by, if you want to protest, go ahead, but make sure the people
you do it with have an IQ which a 1st grader wouldn’t mock and for christ sake
think it out!

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