Jiggy wid` it..

August 1, 2007

Its summer, people have tops down on their cars, relaxing or partying,
so why on earth do I hear people listening to boring “hap-hazardly put
together” music?! There really is more out there than what your radio
hands you…

ATB, very talented chap, he is one of the
most famous DJ`s around with a myriad of
different tunes, very upbeat, so lets put this
chap in your “I might try listen to a few of
his tracks”, a classic “Summer, top down,
music blasting” track is this.

Benny Benassi, another chap from over the
pond, Italian DJ, has a slew of top notch
tracks, some say an acquired taste is needed
but don’t let that put you off, I am just being
honest:) I think if I was going to recommend
a track for a first time listen of him I would
recommend this one.

Miss Kittin, There are two ladies that could
probably kick my ass, my lovely wife and this
chick. Again, as with the others, she is a DJ,
but from France. Her music is again upbeat,
yet kind of out there, so I am going to
recommend this track, excellent, but strange:)

So, if you are content having a summer party while blasting out Big & Rich
or Justin Timberlake, please consider your guests:) give the above a try,
you might like it and your guests may even love it! 🙂

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