Jiggy wid` it..

August 1, 2007

Its summer, people have tops down on their cars, relaxing or partying,
so why on earth do I hear people listening to boring “hap-hazardly put
together” music?! There really is more out there than what your radio
hands you…

ATB, very talented chap, he is one of the
most famous DJ`s around with a myriad of
different tunes, very upbeat, so lets put this
chap in your “I might try listen to a few of
his tracks”, a classic “Summer, top down,
music blasting” track is this.

Benny Benassi, another chap from over the
pond, Italian DJ, has a slew of top notch
tracks, some say an acquired taste is needed
but don’t let that put you off, I am just being
honest:) I think if I was going to recommend
a track for a first time listen of him I would
recommend this one.

Miss Kittin, There are two ladies that could
probably kick my ass, my lovely wife and this
chick. Again, as with the others, she is a DJ,
but from France. Her music is again upbeat,
yet kind of out there, so I am going to
recommend this track, excellent, but strange:)

So, if you are content having a summer party while blasting out Big & Rich
or Justin Timberlake, please consider your guests:) give the above a try,
you might like it and your guests may even love it! 🙂

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If I could hide this post I surely would, I am interested in who searches
for what, I`ll post the results of this little experiment when I get a good
sample of information. Forgive the keywords… Guess which keyword
will for fill most search queries:)

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Its a hot day, driving home from work today (Stop yawning! I
am getting to the point let me lay the foundation here! 🙂 ).
Anyway, there is a traffic jam ahead waiting for the lights to
change to green.. On my approach I notice a guy holding up
a big sign warning everyone that what we are about to see may offend..

I thought what is that boy smoking!?!? It was soon revealed,
I then saw ahead of me people with 5×4 posters of pictures of
aborted fetuses protesting against abortion.

Consider this, imagine if I had my kids with me, 10 and 13 year olds..
What an idiotic way of getting the message across, normally I would listen
to any decent protest and their message, but this was insane, idiotically thought
out and if it wasn’t due to the subject matter, laughable!

There are right and wrong ways to do things and these idiots take the
biscuit on how not to do it.

So while I was waiting for the light to turn green one of these idiots was walking
up the traffic car by car offering literature, they came to my car and I just rolled
my eyes and mouthed out the word “No”.

Lessons to learn by, if you want to protest, go ahead, but make sure the people
you do it with have an IQ which a 1st grader wouldn’t mock and for christ sake
think it out!

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July 6, 2006


Oh praise god where do I start? 🙂 The proper name for
this product is egokast, effectively its an LCD belt buckle
where you can display videos of your own creation.

But I could easily see it in the film Blade Runner, Can you
imagine Harrison Ford wondering the streets passing
“Future-Hoe`s” wearing this belt? Each belt would
contain a a portfolio of each “hoe” in their busty glory.
Interested? Then select what “Function” you want from
the iWhore belts menu, once done, slide your credit card
through and everyone is happy, no stupid banter required..

The inventor for this belt was born in the wrong time..poor chap.:p

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July 5, 2006

I am a big fan of art in all its variations, but this really is rather amazing,
amount of time for each “render”, around 60-80 hours, with no undo
function either 🙂 Think of it though, you put 30 hours in to one of
these pieces and you screw up, do you just shake and say “Ooopsie?”
or throw it across the room? I think I better send him a silver marker (White
out for Etch-a-sketch maybe?) just incase 🙂

While I am in the arty mood, everyone and thier mother has heard
of Deviant Art but check out Raph, very professional CG artwork..

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Comcast sleep therapy

July 5, 2006

I wasnt going to post this since its been around the block abit, but John O` left a
comment about his experience with Vonage support and how it was rather awful.

This chap in this video is an actual Comcast tech waiting on hold calling into
Comcast , the wait was that long he fell asleep…

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DE-pendence Day.

July 4, 2006

Since I am from the UK and live in the US people have asked me “How do you feel about Independence Day?”

Before I go there, lets bring into the this topic a pet peeve, you may think its not related, but it is… If I moved
from another country to the U.S. then dont bitch and moan about people not accepting your culture or
going out their way to learn your language, you moved, you learn…

I dont feel anything about Independence day, I dont feel a traitor to my country of origin, America has gave
me alot of opportunity which I am thankful for, yet the patronage which is embodied in young children I dont
have, hell I dont even have it for Britain:). I do know some English people I have met in the past who grumble
about Independence day, why on earth?!?! As mentioned in my opening paragraph, you moved you learn and

So you all enjoy your night, whether your 100% blooded American or a perma-visitor like myself: 🙂

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