Long time no text, sorry, have being exceptionally busy at work…

Back onto topic, I watched MTV2 today, nothing exceptional there
, but I haven’t watched it for such a long time, while I was watching,
I felt a warm feeling in my ears….. I realized then, it was my ears
bleeding in pain with the junk MTV smack you upside the head with..

Whooa, now hold on I can hear you say already “You are an old man,
I don’t expect you to appreciate the delicate musical vibes that MTV plays”
…. Thats OK:) if thats your current opinion try and broaden your musical
horizons a tad, currently this is who I am listening to, either driving to work,
or just relaxing at home…

A nice broad serving of different types of music there, from Techno to Rap
to some talk singing “The Streets”, try take a listen to some of these
groups/people, you might like`em 🙂

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Forget the Fluff.

July 8, 2006

I just couldn’t help not acting my age today, bouncing around like a school
girl sporting her new wonder bra. Time came to order new laptops, I choose
a Dell M90 , since I only have one PC which is my laptop, everywhere
I go it goes, so it has to be durable and have the power of a good workstation.

I told my son about the model I choose and he said “Cool, we can play Medal
Of Honor now
“… With that in mind look at the two screen shots below…

Notice a difference? I will ignore anyone that says “Duuuuhhh graphics!” 🙂
If that was your answer well done, your obviously younger than 20 years
old and didn’t live through this period…:) Seriously, they are the same, the
key here is playability..

I had a great opportunity to be involved in producing games, old ones for
the SEGA console and PC, games like Rise of the Robots, Mikey Mania
and Waterworld. At that point in time 3D cards where a twinkle in an
engineers eye, so the only attribute was playability.

I would say that 80% of the games released now are just more graphical
bling and thats all you are going to get, eye candy. Then again, games like
the Medal Of Honor series and World of Warcraft have done a wonderful
job of incorporating both attributes, a rare occurrence.

The industry now is so cookie cut that no original work really is ever created,
its all about just getting out any old game on the shelves,

I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Peter Molynuex, in 1993
that he kind of predicted this would happen, yet the games he now produces
carry both the graphics and the playability attributes, seems to me that he hasn’t
sold out, good show!:) still producing first class games.

So technically, if it wasn’t for work and say MS Office, my game playing wouldn’t
really need more than a Pentium 2, since more and more games coming
out require higher system specs for just more graphical fluff, after a while
though its going to implode, people will be sick of the empty souless games which
are published, at that point big publishers will just have to get back to the roots.

Ok..back to pong…. . ..:P


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