Guiding light?

July 22, 2006

Check out LinkScanner apparently it will tell you if a website has
any form of exploit. Real nice idea, yet I really cant imagine
checking every web page I visit… Tempted to write a quick
Perl proxy script to check every site you go to utilizing the
Linkscanner, hmm, probably get in trouble for abusing the
service plus it would be slow as heck though…

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Long time no text, sorry, have being exceptionally busy at work…

Back onto topic, I watched MTV2 today, nothing exceptional there
, but I haven’t watched it for such a long time, while I was watching,
I felt a warm feeling in my ears….. I realized then, it was my ears
bleeding in pain with the junk MTV smack you upside the head with..

Whooa, now hold on I can hear you say already “You are an old man,
I don’t expect you to appreciate the delicate musical vibes that MTV plays”
…. Thats OK:) if thats your current opinion try and broaden your musical
horizons a tad, currently this is who I am listening to, either driving to work,
or just relaxing at home…

A nice broad serving of different types of music there, from Techno to Rap
to some talk singing “The Streets”, try take a listen to some of these
groups/people, you might like`em 🙂

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Forget the Fluff.

July 8, 2006

I just couldn’t help not acting my age today, bouncing around like a school
girl sporting her new wonder bra. Time came to order new laptops, I choose
a Dell M90 , since I only have one PC which is my laptop, everywhere
I go it goes, so it has to be durable and have the power of a good workstation.

I told my son about the model I choose and he said “Cool, we can play Medal
Of Honor now
“… With that in mind look at the two screen shots below…

Notice a difference? I will ignore anyone that says “Duuuuhhh graphics!” 🙂
If that was your answer well done, your obviously younger than 20 years
old and didn’t live through this period…:) Seriously, they are the same, the
key here is playability..

I had a great opportunity to be involved in producing games, old ones for
the SEGA console and PC, games like Rise of the Robots, Mikey Mania
and Waterworld. At that point in time 3D cards where a twinkle in an
engineers eye, so the only attribute was playability.

I would say that 80% of the games released now are just more graphical
bling and thats all you are going to get, eye candy. Then again, games like
the Medal Of Honor series and World of Warcraft have done a wonderful
job of incorporating both attributes, a rare occurrence.

The industry now is so cookie cut that no original work really is ever created,
its all about just getting out any old game on the shelves,

I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Peter Molynuex, in 1993
that he kind of predicted this would happen, yet the games he now produces
carry both the graphics and the playability attributes, seems to me that he hasn’t
sold out, good show!:) still producing first class games.

So technically, if it wasn’t for work and say MS Office, my game playing wouldn’t
really need more than a Pentium 2, since more and more games coming
out require higher system specs for just more graphical fluff, after a while
though its going to implode, people will be sick of the empty souless games which
are published, at that point big publishers will just have to get back to the roots.

Ok..back to pong…. . ..:P


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Spam trickery

July 7, 2006

I found this neat Firefox extension, we have all been there,you know
when you sign up for certain services or trial downloads at sites where
they require your email address for “Validation” purposes, we all
know its just an invitation to spam flooding your email account.

Well this extension uses a service called Temporary Inbox, when
you are signing up for something and it asks you to put in an email
address you get the extension to create a random one, you cut and
paste it in. You then have 6 hours to check that account for any
correspondence from the site you signed up for the usual stuff they
give you, i.e links to downloads etc. After that period the account
is deleted.

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XP Auto complete

July 7, 2006

Ok I feel rather a dork for not knowing this, but I found out XP has an
auto complete feature within its command line, Coming from a Linux
background it just felt natural.:)

Here is a link to the instructions to turn on the function, has some registry
additions, so if you are not confident with that then Tweak UI can do
the job for you.

Auto complete uses the tab key to try and guess what you are typing,
for example, I am in a DOS Shell in XP I can start typing half a
directory name or filename then press tab and it will complete it for
me, example below..

I make a directory called my_directory, then I want to get inside it so I
type cd my_


Now I go and press the TAB key and viola…


It filled in the rest of the directory name, ideal for the lazy geek:) Or a
necessity for a Linux type user.

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Heavens more VoIP

July 7, 2006

Continuing our conversation with VoIP, its all good knowing the
technology but applying it can bea different situation..

So we know how it works, my previous VoIP article explained
the fundamentals, before I continue though, if I have not explained
anything enough or you don’t get a certain element please let me know
otherwise this blog will just be another blog with a geek throwing
out terms and theories that nobody understands or cares about,
thats pointless and a waste of bandwidth 🙂

Scenario time, you own a small business, say 8 employees, you
want a sales line, support line and a line for general contact. Your
local telephone company is rubbing their hands at this point, you
have 3 possible options, get dedicated lines, hire out a
communications consultant who will grab you a PBX
off the shelf and give you a nice fat invoice.

I agree, the above solutions are valid, but it needs more cow bell 🙂
in other words, we introduce VoIP into this equation and the options

Firstly we will need a PBX, Asterisk would be the most ideal, its free
and powerful, all you would need after this is a PC to put it on, doesn’t
have to be a top notch one, I have saw PC`s running 256 Meg
with a 500 MHz CPU handling small to medium size call centers.

Asterisk runs on Linux, a free operating system you probably have heard
of, there is a Windows version which works also, but for now we are using
Linux as our example, plus we do not need to involve the cost of a Windows
license either..

I am still assuming here that the business has either a T1 connection or a
high end Cable/DSL connection, this is the only prerequisite.

So, we have Asterisk, a Linux server with it on, what next? Your staff now
need to get hooked up to it. At this point you have two options, Soft phones
or VoIP phones, difference is that the former is software based, while
cheap it has its downfalls, if the PC you are running it upon crashes, so does your call.

Hard phones (VoIP Phones) are the way to go if the budget allows, you
will have a dedicated phone , so even if your PC does crash, you wont
care, since all your communications are done on another device.

Lets assume now that you have it all setup, phones connected to your
Asterisk box, now you just need a VoIP provider and get your numbers
ported, which I explained in the previous post.

What can we do now compared to before?

  • Have X (Depending on your VoIP provider/package you choose)
    number of incoming calls on one line without busy signals

  • Queue calls, so if you have 3 sales people it will ring all thiere phones
    at once,
    or by round robin etc.

  • Voice mails sent to your email account.

  • Call monitoring, recorded calls, call statistics.

  • Call Conferencing (Agreed, its a common function now days, but
    I just wanted to make sure its still possible)

  • Automated callbacks, its possible to give Asterisk a list of numbers
    to call with a message

  • Return calls, Lets say for example that the sales team are all on calls
    but you don’t want to wait for them, until one of them is free to take a
    call, so you can get Asterisk to call the customer back automatically
    and link that call straight to a sales person when one comes available
  • Lets say toy have another location, you can get that location to use
    your Asterisk box also, all calls will be transfered over the Internet
    to your Asterisk box, no need for a traditional phone system at this location.

There are more features and possibilities Asterisk offers, but you get the gist:)

Well, enough of this theory, next article on VoIP I plan to get our hands dirty….

If you cant wait , then check out VoIPMonkey`s blog, some great info there…

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July 6, 2006


Oh praise god where do I start? 🙂 The proper name for
this product is egokast, effectively its an LCD belt buckle
where you can display videos of your own creation.

But I could easily see it in the film Blade Runner, Can you
imagine Harrison Ford wondering the streets passing
“Future-Hoe`s” wearing this belt? Each belt would
contain a a portfolio of each “hoe” in their busty glory.
Interested? Then select what “Function” you want from
the iWhore belts menu, once done, slide your credit card
through and everyone is happy, no stupid banter required..

The inventor for this belt was born in the wrong time..poor chap.:p

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