July 6, 2006


Oh praise god where do I start? 🙂 The proper name for
this product is egokast, effectively its an LCD belt buckle
where you can display videos of your own creation.

But I could easily see it in the film Blade Runner, Can you
imagine Harrison Ford wondering the streets passing
“Future-Hoe`s” wearing this belt? Each belt would
contain a a portfolio of each “hoe” in their busty glory.
Interested? Then select what “Function” you want from
the iWhore belts menu, once done, slide your credit card
through and everyone is happy, no stupid banter required..

The inventor for this belt was born in the wrong time..poor chap.:p

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One Response to “iWhore”

  1. laurafern Says:

    Hello shough – thanks for adding me to your blogroll, although I would hardly call my site “technical,” but that’s okay. Thanks for the comment, I will check back here now and then for some interesting tech explanations. Keep it up!

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